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Mood Beach

Mood Beach has an extraordinary set up in bohemian style. With an impressive array of comfortable beach beds, which are divided in different categories such as: comfort beach beds, cabanas, family cabanas and VIP cabanas, we are committed to providing you superior service in a luxurious and relaxing environment. Our mission is simply your satisfaction..

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Curacao Sea Aquarium

In 1984, the Curaçao Sea Aquarium opened its doors and became one of Curacao's finest treasures, namely the underwater world, accessible to every visitor. Sea Aquarium started with a number of aquariums and has become a versatile park with attractions and activities for all ages. In 2002, ten dolphins joined and founded Dolphin Academy. Over the years, several companies located on the peninsula. These companies form the Sea Aquarium Park.

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Y-Knot Fishing Curaçao

Y-Knot Fishing Curacao offers fish, and private day charters, boat rentals, sunset cruises, snorkeling tours and excursions to Klein Curacao. We are proud that the fishing charter of Curacao, which is more to the ocean than any other charter on the island.

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Dolphin Academy

Dolphin Academy opened its doors on May 26, 2002. On that day, our main "colleagues", the dolphins were flown to their new home on Curaçao from Roatan Honduras. After the first five dolphins, the family is extensive and we have now the home of more than 20 Coastal Bottlenose dolphins.

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Bounty Adventures

With over 20 years of experience and the only catamaran charter, Bounty Adventures offers by far the most special boat and sailing trips to Curaçao!

Sail on our daily trip to Klein Curacao, a romantic sunset sail or hop aboard an excellent Snorkel Trip!

Our fleet consists of two custom built 54 foot catamarans (Jonalisa and Jonalisa To) and a 48 foot luxury yacht.

Our high speed catamaran (up to 25 knots under sail or motor) will take you quickly and comfortably to Klein Curacao. This beautiful island offers adventure you can not miss!

Which trip you choose our tropical menu, you will get an unforgettable experience! All our trips include our full-service open bar and our fabulous cuisine.

Bounty Adventures' trips are out of this world! But we must warn you: You can always come back, but you can not stay!

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Cas abou beach

With its clear turquoise seas, swaying palm trees and white sand beach Cas Abao Beach is a real dream beach. Located on the northwestern coast of Curacao, Cas Abao has been named one of Curaçao's most beautiful beaches, ideal for families and water sports.

The popular daiquiri bar gives you the best cool daiquiris. Daily also open for lunch and snacks.

Do not forget to enjoy the water! Go scuba diving or snorkeling, get in a kayak on the banana boat, or jump on the water trampoline and discover Cas Abao Beach above and below water is a paradise!

Relax? The beach masseur is ready to massage away your stress while you relax completely and listening to the waves of the Caribbean Sea ...

Kortom: Cas Abao Beach heeft alle ingredienten voor een heerlijk dagje strand.

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Playa PortoMari

Playa Porto Mari is one of the many secluded natural bays Willi Wood surrounded by unspoiled nature. The beautiful white sandy beach with shallow and calm water has a unique Caribbean atmosphere. It is conveniently facilitated with a lounge chair rentals, beach bar / restaurant, toilets, beach umbrellas and you can even book a massage. Showers, changing rooms and lockers are provided; everything to ensure that you do not care at all (at least for a day).

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Grote knip beach

Knip (officially Playa Kenepa Grandi) is very popular with the locals. Right they are! Swimming and sunbathing in the beautiful surroundings of Curacao. For the well-trained swimmer, the reef accessible from the beach but it's a long way, so take care. Much closer to the beach can be very beautiful snorkeling near the rocks on either side of the beach.

There are regular local dishes, snacks and drinks for sale. But do not take into account that it can. So take care of their own drinks and snacks.

Blauwe Kamer

The Blue Room [Boca Flute] or The Blue Room is located one kilometer east of Playa Santa Cruz, completely hidden.

The Blue room is only accessible by swimming. You can if you're underwater cave built swam to the surface. In this particular cave walls get a beautiful blue appearance by the reflection of the water. To this the cave got its name Blue Room.

The cave is called Boka Flute by locals because the air that is being expressed by the wave makes a whistling sound. The cave is swimming to visit when the weather is rustiog. At higher waves you better not go into the cave, the rock is dangerous sharp.

Shete Boka

Shete Boka Park, since 1994, 200 hectares.

This is an area that borders on the Christoffel Park covering more than 10 kilometers from the rocky wave exposed north coast of the island and some 10 pocket beaches where three species of sea turtles are known to lay eggs. The most famous and favorite inlet visitors Boka Tabla.

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Sint Christoffelpark

The National Christoffel Park Curaçao - a must see for everyone!

Christoffel Park is the largest national park of Curacao and a must see for everyone. The park has a rich variety of flora and fauna. Nature lovers will park filled with birds and plants, including species that are not easily found elsewhere on the island seen. As wild orchids, the palabrua, the rare native barn owl. The Curacao white-tailed deer (of which there are only about 250 left) and much more.

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Hato Caves

The Hato Caves is located on the north side of the island and only two minutes from Curacao International Airport.

Hato Caves which more than 200,000 years old, is the largest and most prominent cave on the island. Since 1991, the Hato Caves were officially opened to the public after undergoing intensive upgrading of the government to make it accessible on foot.

Today, the Hato Caves can be considered the most beautiful and friendly public cave of the island.

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Sea Trek

Our spectacular underwater walk is the easiest way to communicate with the aquatic world wonder. With a modern, innovative helmet, of course you can breathe underwater, it is also a very safe system that is used worldwide.

In contrast to snorkel or dive with Sea Trek Curacao will have no special training, even those who can not swim need to enjoy this fantastic adventure.

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Local Restaurants

Jaanchies Restaurant

No tour on the island is complete without visiting Jaanchie's Restaurant! This concept for anyone who lives in Curacao on the beautiful and breathtaking Westpunt restaurant for over 60 years and is on vacation. Meanwhile, the third generation running this establishment. Jaanchie's is the place where you decide to go, for best local food and fresh every morning delivered fish. On Sunday the Curaçao Hospitality added luster by performances by live bands. Jaanchie's is the place to go for refreshments, lunch and relaxation when you visit West Point.

Landhuis Dokterstuin

Restaurant Komedor Krioyo in house Dokterstuin serves delicious Creole meals in a cozy garden. It is also the ideal location for your celebrations and parties.

Marshe Bieuw

To experience the real Creole cuisine of Curacao, you really should go along the famous old covered market (Marshe Bieu). You can find it in Punda, behind the post office. Not only can you delicious (and cheap!) Food, it is also very pleasant. You feel like a native of Curacao.

Restaurant Playa Forti

Playa Forti was built on the ruins of an English fort. The original cannons at the entrance of the restaurant still recall this exceptional period in the time of Napoleon. The perched on the cliffs, historic location offers superb views across the westernmost part of the island. Playa Forti serves a variety of local and international dishes. Specialties include: red snapper à la Curaçao, goat stew, fillet steak and even cheeseburgers. Do you also have a great piña colada at sunset!

Sea Side Terrace

If you want to enjoy fresh seafood at a good price, while in the shade of a Appeldamboom sitting, or with your feet in the water of the sea, then you should definitely go to Sea Side Terrace. This simple restaurant is located at Breezes Hotel. From the brightly painted container is food served by friendly, local staff. Sitting on simple plastic chairs under a party tent eat your food from the Curacao cuisine. If you really want to get them something from Curacao you can not miss this restaurant!

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